Organizational change in a municipality

by / Monday, 05 May 2014 / Published in Octogram, Tests in de praktijk

Raimond van der Zee:  “Our Organization (a municipality with 670 employees) is going through a time of radical changes. Large groups of employees are being asked to use other competencies and behaviors. Many managers needed to help their employees understand these changes and to make personal development plans for them. The Octogram helped us with this.”

“In a workshop that lasted 6 hours – after a short introduction to the theory – we let employees describe their new roles in terms of concrete behaviors and see how those behaviors matched with their preferred work style (described by the Octogram). Doing this, we were able to discover the areas where personal development was needed. These development points were then translated into personal development plans for every employee. Doing this (using the Octogram and the theoretical model behind it) allows us to set down concrete actions to shape each employee’s development.”



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