Management behavior

What does this test measure? The Management Styles test attempts to map out the general style of a manager. The purpose of this test is to show what behaviors typify this person in a leadership position.


doelgroepTarget Group Associate’s degree or higher





When would you use this test? This test can be used purely as a self-assessment or in a 360 degree rater questionnaire to help a candidate understand how they appear to their employees.



inzettenThe test is used in the following situations:

  • Selection
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Development
  • Management Development


overigeOther Characteristics

  • No time limit, average completion time is 10 minutes
  • 59 items for likert scale version used for coaching
  • 15 items for the forced choice version used for selection
  • Stanine scoring
  • Graphic result in the competing values framework model
  • Available for use in 360 degree feedback situations
  • Underlying theoretical model: Quinn model


rapportExample Report
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