The Quinn Model: A model of personality in the Competing Values Framework

Robert Quinn

Robert Quinn is a professor and researcher who is well known as an authority in the realm of change management.

Quinn’s research and work is directed toward change and creating effective organizations. His is known chiefly for his groundbreaking work on the Competing Values Framework (Quinn Model), recognized as the most effective way to describe a company’s culture.

Quinn model

The Quinn model is based on four different managment models that form the basis of organizational effectiveness. The models stand in opposition to each other, but each of them is important in a well functioning organization, the four models and their relationships with each other are shown in the image below:







Roles of a Manager

Quinn translated the tasks of a manager into the quadrants of the Competing Values Framework and created 8 roles. In the Competing Values Framework, it is clear that roles next to each other are similar to each other and that roles on the other side of the graph stand in direct opposition (they compete with each other). According to Quinn, effective leaders must be able to move fluidly between these roles based on what the situation requires.





The tests of Online Talent Manager are all tied together using this model. By relating such things as career values (motivations), personality, communication style, and culture preferences, it is possible to see the patterns and (possible) conflicts within a candidate’s behavior and personality.

OTM provides the results of some of our other personality tests directly translated into the Quinn Model:

  • Work and Leadership Styles (Octogram)
  • Management Styles
  • Organizational Culture (current and desired)
  • Communication Styles
  • Career Values (available in the Expert report)
  • Personality in the Big 5 model (available in the Expert report)
  • Competencies and Competency development reports


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