Want to know what OTM can do for you?

System License

What our clients say:

  • "OTM tests are easy to use, candidates experience few problems filling them in, and they form the solid basis for a good conversation."
    Roel Jasper (roel&jasper BV)
  • "All of the tests are easy and intuitive for the employee as well as the administrator."
    Bas van Dinther (Canon Nederland)

Via your personal OTM account administration screens you can keep up to date on the status of all your candidates. We also offer the following options:

Test System

  • Personalized Style

    Your logo, your color scheme, no problem.
  • Accessible

    An internet connected web browser is all you need to get up and running with OTM.
  • Wide test selection

    Choose the combination of personality, behavior, and intelligence tests that will tell you what you want to know.
  • Pay for the tests, not the report

    You can access many report options with no extra cost, try different norm groups, group analysis machine, expert and complete reports are all free.
  • Group Reports

    See what the team, the department, the division, or the whole organization looks like with this powerful analysis tool.
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