Communication Styles

metingWhat does this test measure? The Communication Style test looks at how a candidate comes across to other people. It measures more than verbal style, it also addresses non-verbal communication. The test results are scored on these four scales:



doelgroepTarget Group
Associate’s Degree or Higher




inzetten_shortWhen would you use the Communication Style test? 
– Individual and/or team training
– Selection for positions that require strong communication skills




overigeOther Characteristics

  • No time limit, average completion time is 13 minutes
  • 40 questions
  • “Forced Choice” questionnaire
  • Graphic results are given in the Octogram/Quinn Model
  • Stanine scoring
  • 360 degree review is possible
  • Underlying theoretical models: Merrill en Reid (1981), Bolten & Bolten (1984, 1996), Competing Values Framework of Quinn.


rapportExample report

Download an example report for the Communication Style test.




voorbeeldvraagExample question from the Communication Style test


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