Competency Development Prediction (Competency Indicator)

requiredThe Competency Indicator makes the ‘developability’ of competencies visible. Even if the candidate has not worked in a particular competency, this report can make accurate predictions about how easy it will be for them to step into a role that requires that competency. This reports is based on the candidate’s personality test results and gives scores for the 52 work-related competencies in the OTM library. The result is that you will be able to see, quickly and easily, which competencies it will be difficult or easy for a candidate to develop as they move through their career.

To view the Competency Indicator report, the candidate must fill in three different personality tests:

• Octogram
• Career Values
• OP5


doelgroepTarget Group
To make accurate predictions, the candidate must have at least some education beyond high school.





inzetten_shortWhy would you need to see this report?
– Selection / Promotion : Does this person have what it takes to grow in a particular competency? Do they have an affinity with the competencies most important for this function?

– Development / Career Planning / Coaching : Where should the candidate focus their efforts and what competencies should they either avoid or work around? This report gives a clear guide to anyone planning their next steps on their career path.



overigeOther Characteristics

  • Competency Indicator scores are based on personality, work style, and values.
  • If a candidate completes the three tests, this report becomes visible in the report section of your screen.
  • Going Deeper: because our entire library of psychometric tests is tied in with the Competency Indicator, filling in more tests makes the final report even more robust and reliable!





rapportExample Report

Click here to see an example Competency Indicator Report

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