OP5 Personality test for the Big 5 Model

metingWhat does this test measure?example_report_op5_en
The OP5 is a personality test. This test measures the candidate’s affinity with each of the 5 dimensions of the Big 5 personality model and 30 subscales that look at a wide variety of personality factors.



                                          Risk-taking, Sociability, Social Skills, Dominance, Ambition, Expressivity

                                        Emotional stability, Energy, Self-confidence, Stress resistance, Social adequacy, Self-reliance

                                        Motivation to perform, Tenacity, Goal-oriented, Planning, Order, Discipline

                                        Trust, Collaboration, Team focus, Empathy, Friendliness, Altruism

                                        Creativity, Vision, Breadth of interests, Awareness of surroundings, Philosophical thinker, Self-perceptiveness


doelgroepTarget Group

  • All education levels
  • 18-65 years old



inzetten_shortWhen would you use this test?
Next to the Octogram, the OP5 is one of the basic two tests used by psychologists. The personality test measures deeper characteristics “under the water line” than what can be seen by the Octogram test by itself. The results are very detailed and deep and can launch a much deeper conversation with the candidate. Can be used in both selection and development situations.





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  • No time limit, average completion time of 38 minutes
  • 302 items
  • Likert scaleschaal
  • Stanine scoring (expanded information in Expert report gives some ‘meta’ scores for this test)
  • Graphic representation in the Octogram Model (available in the Expert Report)
  • Underlying theoretical model: Big 5




rapportExample Report

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